Ipoh Herald #34-2019


Seah Chong Seng & Joel

Mrs Lai

Kwong Ying En & Kwong Ying Ni

Angeline Dass

Visiting Brethren

Christopher Lopez (Damansara Perdana)

James Mao (Klang)

Next Sermon Speaker


Friday Bible Class

Bro. Ting Kong Eyo will moderate the class at 8pm.

Upcoming Events

August 31st: 30th Restoration Seminar (Theme: The Churches of Christ – Who Are We?)

November 27-30th: 12th Annual Four Seas Lectureship (Theme: Preparing Leaders For Tomorrow)


We rejoice with the angels in heaven over Angeline Dass who has decided to render obedience to our Lord Jesus Christ. She was baptized by bro. Ting Kong Eyo this afternoon. To God be the glory!

Prayer Requests

Spiritual growth of the new converts: Jane Kong, Kala Devi.

Sick list: Francis Xavier (heart attack), Christopher Lopez (heart attack).

Frank & Lily Leong – travelling to the US.

Victor & Joyce Chan – travelling to Adelaide.

Growth of the Ipoh congregation.

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