Ipoh Herald #44-2018


Seah Chong Seng & Joel (friends of the church)

Kwong Ying En & Kwong Ying Ni (friends of the church)

Mufano Rungano (Zimbabwe – student at Quest University)

Kam Wah (Au Ling Kai’s brother)

Next Sermon Speaker

Bro. Leow Yew Chong  (中文口译员: Levi Soo)

Friday Bible Class

Bro. Ting Kong Eyo will moderate the class at 8pm.

Committee Meeting

There will be a committee meeting at 3:30pm, 10th November 2018 in the church premises.

Upcoming Events

November 28th – December 1st: 11th Annual Four Seas Lectureship (Theme: Revive Us Again) at Four Seas College of Bible & Missions, Singapore.

December 17-20th: 31st Youth Development Programme (Theme: Building Bridges) at El Sanctuary Melaka. To register, please contact: Keith Eng 016-924 9116 or Kevin Lee 012- 521 8547.

Prayer Requests

Spiritual growth of the new converts: Jane Kong.

Speedy recovery for Levi Soo who’s suffering from stomach upset.

Growth of the Ipoh congregation.

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