Ipoh Herald #49-2017


Seah Chong Seng & Joel

Visiting Brethren

Loh Boon Eng (Central North, Perth)

Next Sermon Speaker

Bro. Levi Soo (中文口译员: Levi Soo)

Friday Bible Class

Bro. Ting Kong Eyo will moderate the class at 8pm.

Upcoming Events

December 18-21st: 30th Youth Development Programme at Port Dickson Golf & Country Club.

Prayer Requests

Sick list: Katrina Sik, Wong Yoon Mik.

Spiritual growth of the new converts: Levi Soo, Teo Chian Ying.

Flying to Adelaide on 9th December – Mee Yuen & Ai Ling.

Away in USA – Frank & Lily Leong.

Away in Kuala Lumpur – Albert & Anne Koay.

Timothy & Chian Ying’s wedding on 16th December.

Salvation of Levi’s parents.

Pei Wen (Taiping) that she would over the gospel.

Taiping outreach for the success of ongoing mission works.

Growth of the Ipoh congregation.

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