Ipoh Herald #45-2016


Seah Chong Seng & Joel (Maniam’s friends)

John & Katrina Sik (Kong Eyo’s friends)

Nina Fok (Jackee Oo’s student)

Yugavarman, Yogisini & Jegathiswari (Sunday school children)

Visiting Brethren

Aran (formerly Ayer Tawar)

Back With Us This Weekend

Kai Wen (Kampar)

Jonathan & Joshua Chan (Kampar)

Darius Lee (Perlis)

Next Sermon Speakers

Bro. Chan Kwok Meng (English)

Bro. Tony Yip (中文)

Friday Bible Class

Bro. Victor Chu will moderate the class at 8pm.

Upcoming Events

November 23-26th: 9th Annual Four Seas Lectureship at Four Seas College, Singapore.

9th Annual Four Seas Lectureship

December 12th: 2nd Mission Forum at Ipoh church of Christ.

Kampar Evening Worship

Bible class at 4:30pm – bro. Albert Koay

Sunday School at 5:30pm – sis. Jenny Chan

Sermon at 5:30pm – bro. Henry Lee

Prayer Requests

Sick list: Hui Tin, Henry Ezechi, Choon Ming, Katrina (John Sik’s wife)

Spiritual growth of the new converts: Anna Liza, Apolinario Ilagan, Ooi Bee Sim, Angelle Lee, Levi Soo, Joshua Villanueva.

Kampar & Taiping outreach for the success of ongoing mission works.

Growth of the Ipoh congregation.

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