Ipoh Herald #25-2016


Seah Chong Seng & Joel (Maniam’s friends)

Nina Fok (Jackee’s student)

Angeline Yap (Jackee’s teacher)

Riris (Angeline’s maid)

John & Katrina Sik (Kong Eyo’s friend)

Kevin & Carmen Wong (Victor Chan’s friends)

Wilson Kumar (Kong Eyo’s friend)

Visiting Brethren

Rosalind Koay (London)

Next Sermon Speakers

Bro. Kwan Tai Choom (English & 中文) – Combined Service

Friday Bible Class

Bro. Victor Chu will moderate the class at 8pm.

Upcoming Events

September 12-14th: Church & Youth Adult Camp at Refreshing Springs Resort, Kerling, Selangor (Theme: Members of One Another, Speakers: Eddy Ee & Chang Long Jong).

October 29th: 2nd Mission Forum at Ipoh church of Christ.

Kampar Evening Worship

Visitors: Ehgendra, Uthaya, Sarnjitha, Foo Yaw Min & Loh Chow Fong

Bible class at 4:30pm – bro. Albert Koay

Sunday School at 5:30pm – sis. Jenny Chan

Sermon at 5:30pm – bro. Joshua Chan

Prayer Requests

Sick list: Maniam, Henry Ezechi, Katrina (John Sik’s wife), Alice Chong’s father

Spiritual growth of the new converts: Anna Liza, Apolinario Ilagan, Ooi Bee Sim, Angelle Lee & Yvon Soo.

Kampar, Taiping & Pantai Remis outreach for the success of ongoing mission works.

Growth of the Ipoh congregation.

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