Ipoh Herald #51-2015


  • Joshua & Jerome (Romel’s sons)
  • Seah Chong Seng & Joel (Maniam’s friends)
  • Fate & Uno Palma (Anna Liza’s friends)

Next Sermon Speakers

  • Bro. Chan Kok Leong (English)
  • Bro. Tony Yip (中文)

Friday Bible Class

  • Bro. Victor Chu will be moderate the class on the book of John.
  • Class begins at 8pm.

Committee Meeting

  • There will be a committee meeting on 2nd January 2015 at 3:30pm.
  • All men are encouranged to attend.

Kampar Evening Worship

  • The evening worship went on smoothly with the support of 12 brethren from Ipoh, 1 sister from Kampar & 8 visitors (Bonnie, Yee Kei, Yee Ting, Yee Ling, Ehgendra, Karthikeyan, Uthaya & Sarnjitha).
  • Thank you bro. Wong Yoon Mik for preaching in Kampar.
  • All members are encouraged to participate in the service & invite friends/family in the vicinity.
  • Bible study begins at 4:30pm (by bro. Albert Koay) and followed by the worship service at 5.30pm.
  • There will also be a Sunday school conducted by sis. Jenny Chan.
  • Bro. Lawrence Ng will be preaching on 3rd Jan.

Prayer Requests

  • Henry Ezechi who is still suffering from sinusitis. Pray for his speedy recovery.
  • Hui Tin who is undergoing another operation on 6th January 2015 for endometrial cancer. Pray for her speedy recovery.
  • Spiritual growth of the new converts: Katie Ooi, Hiu Tung, Lilia, Romel, Rachel, Melody, Pang Ah Yew & Ow Peng Yan.
  • Kampar outreach for the success of the ongoing mission work.
  • Growth for the Ipoh congregation.

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