Ipoh Herald #22-2015


  • Mr Siah & son, Joel Siah (Maniam’s friend)
  • Fate Palma (Anna Liza’s friend)
  • Rachel, Joshua & Jerome (Romel’s wife & sons)
  • Foo Yaw Min & Loh Chow Fong (Daphne Foo’s parents)
  • Foo Kang Qing (Daphne Foo’s niece)

Visiting Brethren

  • Wong Yoon Mik (formerly Ayer Tawar)
  • Arun (formerly Ayer Tawar)
  • Christopher Lopez (KL)
  • Jenny Lum (Klang)
  • Quay Yam Suan (Klang)
  • Chiang Loong & Chiang Ling (Klang)

Next Sermon Speakers

  • Bro. Chan Kwok Meng (English)
  • Bro. Chan Kok Leong (中文)

Upcoming Events

  • 31st May-2nd June: Inter-congregational Church Camp at Awana Genting Highlands (Theme: Let us rise up and build! – Neh.2:18, Speaker: Kwan Tai Choom)
  • 8-10th June: Youth Enrichment Seminar at Klang church (Theme: 7 habits for spiritual growth). This is open to all youths age 12 and above. Fee RM20. Kindly contact bro. Khoo Tze Wei to register.

Friday Bible Class

  • Bro. Ting Kong Eyo will be moderate the class on the book of John, chapter 12.
  • Class begins at 8pm.

Kampar Evening Worship

  • The evening worship went on smoothly with the support of 15 brethren from Ipoh, 1 brother from Kampar (Lam Wei Ming), 1 brother from USA (John Grubb) & 9 visitors (Bonnie, Yee Kei, Yee Ting, Yee Ling, Alvin, Kee Son, Jin Han, Katie Ooi & Yong Ming).
  • Thank you bro. John Grubb for preaching in Kampar.
  • All members are encouraged to participate in the service & invite friends/family in the vicinity.
  • As usual, next week’s evening worship will commence at 5.30pm.
  • Bro. Albert Koay will be preaching on 7th June.

Kampar Gospel Meeing

  • The organizing committee would like to thank all brethren who have put in so much effort throughout the past 1 week of the gospel campaign – printing of tracts, tract distribution, advertisements, coordination of premises, hosting various brethren from Klang valley, transportation, men-to-serve for 3 nights, ushers, financial support, etc.
  • You have all been an excellent team for Christ!

Prayer Requests

  • Tan Ai Hong (Ai Luan’s sister) who is recovering from breast cancer.
  • Oo Hong who is suffering from pancreatic cancer. Pray for her speedy recovery.
  • Kong Pooi See (Ai Luan’s staff) who is suffering from tongue cancer. Pray for her salvation as well.
  • Henry Ezechi who is still suffering from sinusitis. Pray for his speedy recovery.
  • Surina Ong (Lily Leong’s nephew’s wife) who is suffering from cancer. Pray for her speedy recovery.
  • Spiritual growth of the new converts: Hiu Tung, Lilia, Romel, Melody, Pang Ah Yew & Ow Peng Yan.
  • Francis who has decided to rededicate his life to Christ after a long absence from the church.
  • Safe journey for Ai Luan, Eunice, Kai Wen & Christopher Lopez who will be travelling to Genting Highlands today for the intercongregational church camp.
  • Safe journey for Victor Chu, Eunice & Kai Wen who will be travelling to Johor Baru on 4th June for the Chinese Asian Bible Lectureship.
  • Kampar outreach for the success of the ongoing mission work.
  • Growth for the Ipoh congregation.
  • Growth of the Chinese congregation and for the ongoing Tuesday bible study at Choon Ming’s house.

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