Ipoh Herald #49-2013


  • Stephanie Wan (Micah See’s friend)
  • Aaron Chin (Micah See’s friend)
  • Angeline Kong (Micah See’s friend)
  • Janice Ng (Micah See’s friend)
  • Celina Poh (Poh Hee Hong’s wife)

Visiting Brethren

  • Tony Tan, Mee Leng, Esther, Abraham & Daniel Tan (Taiping)
  • Victor Ng (TTDI)
  • Alyssa Koay (Kota Kemuning)

Next Sermon Speakers

  • Bro. John Grubb (English)
  • Bro. John Grubb (中文)

Upcoming Church Events

  • 11th Dec: Gospel Meeting in Taiping church of Christ with John Grubb
  • 12th Dec: Gospel Meeting in Kampar Christian Zone with John Grubb
  • 13-15th Dec: Bilingual Gospel Meeting with John Grubb [Theme: “Choices In Life (生活中的选择)”]
  • 15th Dec: Sermon by John Grubb in Kampar

  • 16-19th Dec: Youth Development Program (Venue: Starfresh Agro Park, Seremban)
  • 16-18th Dec: Young Adults Camp (same venue as YDP). All young adults above age 20 are greatly encouraged to attend. Camp Fee: RM185 (single room) and RM220 (twin sharing).

Youth Fellowship

  • The next youth fellowship will be cancelled to make way for the gospel meeting with John Grubb.

Friday Bible Class

  • This coming Friday’s Bible Class will be cancelled to make way for the gospel meeting with John Grubb.

Kampar Outreach

  • Every Thursday, there will be a bible study at the church premises in Kampar at 7pm.
  • This Thursday, bro. John Grubb will be conducting a gospel meeting.
  • There will be a fellowship meal prior to the bible study.
  • Members who are studying in UTAR are encouraged to invite their friends to attend.
  • Members from Ipoh who wants to support this work can arrange a carpool with brethren Victor Chan, Ting Kong Eyo, Chan Kok Leong or Jackee Oo.

Kampar Evening Worship

  • The evening worship went on smoothly with the support of 20 brethren from Ipoh & 1 visitor (Jia Yin – Kai Wen’s friend).
  • Thank you bro. Victor Chu for preaching in Kampar.
  • All members are encouraged to participate in the service & invite friends/family in the vicinity.
  • As usual, next week’s evening worship will commence at 5.30pm.
  • Bro. John Grubb will be preaching on 15th December.

Prayer Requests

  • Speedy recovery for Poh Hee Hong (012-5053912) who is still recuperating from a mild stroke.
  • Speedy recovery for John Grubb who injured his foot.
  • Speedy recovery for Tony Yip who fell and fractured his pelvic bone.
  • Lily Leong speedy recovery from pelvic inflammation that has been causing her to have sleepless nights.
  • Kong Poh See (Ai Luan’s staff) who is suffering from 2nd stage tongue cancer. Pray for her salvation as well.
  • Chu Eng Hong (Victor Chu’s father) who is currently in a coma, but has been discharged from the hospital.
  • Pray for Chu Eng Hong (Victor Chu’s father) acceptance of Jesus Christ.
  • Sis. Beh (Jackee’s aunt) in Kemaman whose house is damaged by the flood.
  • Kampar outreach for the success of the ongoing mission work.
  • Growth for the Ipoh congregation.

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