Ipoh Herald #33-2013


Visiting Brethren

  • Loh Boon Eng (Central North, Perth)
  • Henry Lee & Guat Suan (Taiping)
  • Bryan Tee (Kota Kemuning)


    • Alex Loh (Henry Lee’s friend)
    • Andrej Horvat (Australia)
    • Cindy Foo (Jenny Choy’s mother)
    • Claudia (Poh’s friend)

    Next Sermon Speakers

    • Bro. Ting Kong Eyo (English)
    • Bro. Victor Chu (中文)


  • Thank God for blessing the Ipoh congregation with a fulltime preacher, bro. Victor Chu who began his work here today with a sermon entitled, “Get Connected” (Eph. 4:16)

Upcoming Church Events

  • 31st Aug: 24th Restoration Seminar & 14th Restoration Roundtable (Theme: “Who Are We?”) from 9am – 4pm at the SJCOC building
  • 27th Nov – 1st Dec: 6th Annual Four Seas Lectureship (Theme: “Who Is Jesus?”)
  • 12th Dec: Gospel Meeting in Kampar Christian Zone with John Grubb
  • 13-15th Dec: Bilingual Gospel Meeting with John Grubb
  • 16-19th Dec: Youth Development Program (Venue: Starfresh Agro Park, Seremban)
  • 16-18th Dec: Young Adults Camp (same venue as YDP). All young adults above age 20 are greatly encouraged to attend.

    Youth Fellowship

    • The youth fellowship this Saturday will be held at the church building at 8.30pm

    Friday Bible Class

    • Study on “The Book of Romans”, class begins at 8pm
    • Bro. Victor Chu will be teaching this Friday

    Kampar Outreach

    • Every Thursday, bro. Richard Lee will be conducting a bible study at the church premises in Kampar at 7pm
    • There will be a fellowship meal in one of the restaurants along the same street prior to the bible study
    • Members who are studying in UTAR are encouraged to invite their friends to attend
    • Members from Ipoh who wants to support this work can arrange a carpool with brethren Victor Chan, Ting Kong Eyo, Chan Kok Leong or Jackee Oo


    • We rejoice with the angels in heaven on the baptism of aunty Beh Cheow Lan (Jackee’s aunt) last Wednesday, 15th August 2013

    Prayer Request

    • Our new sister-in-Christ, Beh Cheow Lan for her spiritual growth
    • Bro. Victor Chu who has begun work as a fulltime preacher in Ipoh
    • Kampar outreach for the success of the ongoing mission work


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