Ipoh Herald #21-2013



Visiting Brethren

  • Carol (Melbourne)
  • Tan Win Win (Klang)


  • Shu Wei (Thomas Ting’s friend)
  • Chian Ying (Timothy Ting’s friend)
  • Mrs Choy (Jenny Choy’s mother)

Back With Us This Weekend

  • Simon, Timothy & Thomas Ting (KL)

    Next Sermon Speakers

  • Bro. Chan Kok Leong (English)
  • Bro. Tony Yip (中文)

Upcoming Church Events

  • 27-29th May: Youth Enrichment Seminar (Y.E.S). Young people ages 12 and above are encouraged to join this seminar. It will be held in the Klang COC for a fee of RM15 (includes food & lodging). There will be the usual array of lessons, games, singing, fellowship, fun & learning. To confirm participation, please contact sis. Eunice.
  • 3-5th June: Inter-congregational Church Camp at Sepang Gold Coast Resort, Morib (Theme: More Than Conquerors, Speaker: John Grubb)
  • 6-8th June: 8th Chinese Annual Bible Lectureship (CABL) at Klang COC. Those who are interested need to register latest by this week.
  • 30th June: Sermon by Andy Ling
  • 7th July: Bring A Friend Day with speaker, Ng Yeow Kong

    Kampar Outreach

    • Co-ordinator: Alan Koay/Wong Kin Tat
    • Every Thursday, bro. Richard Lee will be conducting a bible study at the church premises in Kampar at 7pm
    • There will be a fellowship meal in one of the restaurants along the same street prior to the bible study
    • 30th May: “Bring A Friend Day” with bro. Ng Yeow Kong (Tracting will be done this Tuesday at 10am by Jeffery Chan, Kong Eyo, Kwok Meng and Joyce Chan)
    • Members who are studying in UTAR are encouraged to invite their friends to attend
    • Members from Ipoh who wants to support this work can arrange a carpool with brethren Victor Chan or Ting Kong Eyo
    • 1000 copies of leaflet introducing the Kampar Christian Zone will be distributed to the freshmen of UTAR for the May intake.

    Prayer Request

    • Albert Koay’s safe travel to and from Perth 27th to 31st May
    • Carol’s safe trip back to Melbourne
    • Albert Tan & family’s safe journey to UKM for Hui Yi’s interview
    • Safe journey for the youths who are leaving for the Youth Enrichment Seminar by train at 5pm today


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