Ipoh Herald #48-2012


Visiting Brethren

  • Daphne Foo (Lim Ah Pin)
  • Alyssa Koay (Kota Kemuning)

Back With Us This Weekend

  • Alan Koay (KL)

Next Sermon Speakers

  • Bro. Chan Kok Leong (English)
  • Bro. Victor Chu (中文)

Upcoming Church Events

  • 17-20th December: Youth Development Programme (YDP) at El Sanctuary, Malacca – youths to register with bro. Calvin
  • 5-6th January: Ipoh church of Christ’s 30th Anniversary Celebration
  • 28-30th March: Ipoh Family Camp at Kampar

Management Committee Meeting

  • The management committee meeting will be held this Saturday (8th December 2012), 3.30pm at the church premises.

Monthly Fellowship

  • The monthly fellowship and potluck dinner will be held this Saturday (8th December 2012), 7pm at the church premises.

Bible Correspondence Course

  • We have now 11 new students. Brethren are requested to help enroll another 17 new students to hit a target of 30 students by the end of 2012

Kampar Outreach

  • Co-ordinator: Alan Koay/Wong Kin Tat
  • Members are encouraged to support this work in whatever manner they can contribute

Ipoh Family Camp 2013

  • Next year’s church camp will be held in March during the 1st term school holiday. The venue selected will be the Grand Kampar Hotel. This is in line with the plan of the church to evangelize the UTAR students.
  • More updates: https://www.facebook.com/events/322795604493973/?fref=ts

30th Anniversary Celebration

  • 5th January 2013: Blood Donation drive
  • 6th January 2013: Thanksgiving Gathering after Sunday worship
  • Working Committee Members
  • Co-ordinator: Chan Kwok Meng
  • Invitation of Guests: Albert Koay
  • Commemorative Magazine: Alan Koay
  • Collection & Scanning of Old Photographs: Chan Kok Leong
  • Hall Decoration/Games: All the Youths
  • Food & Beverage: Albert Tan
  • Commemorative Souvenir: Tan Ai Luan
  • Parking & Traffic Control: Henry Lee
  • Canopy, Tables & Chairs: Ting Kong Eyo
  • Song Leader: Jeffery Chan
  • Photographer: Tony Yip
  • Guestbook: Poh Hee Hong & Wong Kin Tat
  • Master of Ceremony: Timothy Ting
  • Poster & Flyer Distribution: Chan Kwok Meng
  • Members who have old photographs or materials that tell the history of the Ipoh church in hard or soft copy, kindly submit to bro. Kok Leong
  • More updates: https://www.facebook.com/events/362964810457364/?fref=ts

Prayer Requests

  • Ting Kong Eyo, Shirley & Simon’s safe journey back from New Zealand next week
  • Alan, Alyssa & Daphne’s safe journey back to KL
  • Jackee’s safe journey back from Singapore (attending the Fourseas College Lectureship)
  • Annaliza’s daughter, Adrian’s speedy recovery from high fever

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