Ipoh Herald #35-2012



  • Teoh Chian Ying (friend of Timothy Ting)

Next Sermon Speaker

  • Bro. Roger Campbell

Upcoming Church Events

  • 7-9th September: Mandarin Gospel Meeting with Roger Campbell (7-8th Sept @ 8pm, 9th Sept @ 9.45am)
  • 8th September: Men’s Discussion with Roger Campbell & Ladies’ Class with Donna Campbell @ 3-4.30pm
  • 20th October: Teachers & Preachers Workshop with Richard Lee
  • 21st October: Gospel Meeting with Richard Lee
  • 11th November: Preacher – Leow Yew Chong
  • 28th November – 2nd December: Fourseas College Annual Lectureship at Jurong COC
  • 17-20th December: Youth Development Programme (YDP)

Back With Us This Weekend

  • Brethren Simon & Timothy Ting

Prayer Requests

  • Brethren Jonathan and Joshua Chan’s SPM trial exam
  • Betty Teh’s health (bro. Albert Koay’s staff)
  • Bible Correspondence Course enrolment campaign by bro. Kwok Meng
  • Brethren Simon and Timothy Ting’s safe journey back to KL


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