Ipoh Herald #28-2012



  • Marianne (daughter of Poh Hee Hong)
  • Melanie Loh (friend of Janice)

Visiting Brethren

  • Loh Boon Eng (Central North, Perth)
  • Lee Pau Ling & Yi Yuan (Adelaide)
  • Lee Ai Ling (US)
  • Khoo Tze Wei (Klang)

Next Sermon Speaker

  • Bro. Wong Kin Tat

Upcoming Church Events

  • 21st July: Fishers of Men Ministry at Klang COC
  • 31st August: Annual Restoration Seminar
  • 7-9th September: Mandarin Gospel Meeting with Roger Campbell
  • 21st October: Gospel Meeting with Richard Lee
  • 28th November – 2nd December: Fourseas College Annual Lectureship at Jurong COC
  • 17-20th December: Youth Development Programme (YDP)

Back With Us This Weekend

  • Bro. Joseph Chan (UKM, Bangi)
  • Bro. David Lee (NTU, Singapore)
  • Bro. Darius Lee (Kelantan)


  • Henry Ezechi for the sermon, Kin Tat for song leading, men to serve & all the other hidden workers who prepared the Lord’s supper and upkeep of the building’s cleanliness.
  • Sis. Ai Luan for the beautiful flowers.

Prayer Requests

  • Bro. Han Seng has returned to the Lord on 9 July 2012. Pray for sis. Mee Yuen, Ai Ling & Pau Ling in their bereavement.
  • Bro. Albert Koay & sis. Anne Koay for their safe journey to and from KL this weekend.



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