Ipoh Herald #23-2012


  • Ojike Ndubuisi (Nigeria)
  • William Soo (friend of Jackee)
  • Maurice Sim (friend of Albert Koay)
  • Alan Choy (brother of Jenny Choy)
  • Cindy Foo (mother of Jenny Choy)

Next Sermon Speaker

  • Bro. Ting Kong Eyo

    Youth Fellowship

  • Choir practice at the church premises at 7.30pm on Saturday

    Upcoming Church Events

  • 12th June: Mandarin Gospel Meeting by John Grubb at Megan’s residence, 7pm, dinner provided. Please liaise with bro. Poh Hee Hong

Other Events

  • 23rd June: Bro. Daniel Chan and sis. Tracy’s wedding at Syuen Hotel, Ipoh


  • Appeal for financial assistance for 2 Korean JBCOC members facing a difficult ordeal. Further details are posted up on the notice board. Please contact bro. Tee Geok Kwee (016-7339333) & sis. Bee Lan (016-7110151) of JBCOC if you wish to contribute.

Prayer Requests

  • Bro. Han Seng has lapsed into a coma yesterday and was transferred into the ICU at Pantai Hospital Ipoh. His daughters, Ai Ling & Pau Ling are returning from the US and Adelaide, Australia respectively.
  • Sis. Anna Liza & daughters’ safe journey back from the Phillipines on 16 June 2012.
  • Ojike’s family who lost a daughter in an ill-fated plane crash in Nigeria last week.






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