Ipoh Herald #01-2009


 Visiting Brethren

  • Bro.Richard Lim & Sis.Sim (Klang)
  • Bro.Ng Khuen Fong
  • Bro.Foo Chee Hoe
  • Sis.Jun Joy
  • Sis.San San

 Next Sermon Speaker

  • Bro.Albert Koay

Upcoming Event

  • Saturday Fellowship Postponed

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for Bro.Kwok Meng, Bro.Kong Eyo, Bro.Han Seng & Sis.Mee Yuen safe journey to Genting on 10 Jan’09 – 14 Jan’09.
  • Pray for Bro.Kong Eyo for his safe journey back from Kuala Lumpur.
  • Pray for Bro.Han Seng & Sis.Mee Yuen for a safe journey when they traveling to Australia on 16 Jan’09 – 31 Jan’09.


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