Ipoh Herald #46-2008


  • Terry Lee

Visiting Brethren

  • Jeremy Ng

Next Sermon Speaker

  • Bro. Chan Kok Leong

Upcoming Event(s)

  • 13 December 2008(Sat): 2pm-6pm Toward Organisational Excellence-The Wolf Model (Conducted by Bro.Ng Yeow Kong)
  • 15-18 December 2008: Youth Development Program (Johor National Park)
  • 22-26 December 2008: Klang coC Lectureship lead by Bro.Kwan Tai Choon (Chinese)

Prayer Request(s)

  • Health: Bro.Robert Reagan for speedy recovery after his surgery.
  • Travel mercy and safety: Pray for Bro.Poh and family safe journey back from Damai Laut Lumut.

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