Ipoh Herald #21-2008


  • Alex Loh & his Mum (Bro. Henry’s Friend)
  • Szeto Wei Li (Sg)

Visiting Brethrens

  • Sis. Alyssa
  • Sis.Cheryl
  • Sis.Sophia

Next Sermon Speakers

Bro. Albert Koay

Next Youth Fellowship Venue


Upcoming Event(s)

  • 3rd Chinese Asian Bible Lectureship 29/05/08 – 31/05/08
  • 1st Annual 4Seas Lectureship 01/06/08 – 06/06/08

Prayer Request(s)

  • Prayer for Sis. Ai Luan’s children safe custody in God’s protective hand
  • Pray for those who are not feeling well that God will grant them speedy recovery.
  • Pray for those who will be traveling especially those who are attending the Chinese Bible /4Seas Lectureship (those attending will be : Sis.Joyce and Sister, Sis.Maggie, Bro. Henry Lee, Bro. Victor Chu, Bro.Timothy, Sis. Jackie, Sis. Anne )

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